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Funeral Planning and Pricing

Direct Cremation: $1195 (No membership requirements)
Complete Graveside Service: $3300.00 (when Pre-paying)

Complete graveside funeral services include the following:
  • Transfer of the deceased to the funeral home
  • Directing the funeral at the graveside
  • Embalming or Refrigeration
  • Preparation and handling of the deceased, embalming and/or use of the preparation room
  • Use of the funeral coach (hearse) for the funeral
  • Use of facilities or a room for the deceased (following preparation)
  • Casket prices (when Pre-paying):

    (click to enlarge)
    Casket Casket Description Price
    Joshua Mahogany red. Eggshell velvet $9700
    African Mahogany with Dark Polished Exterior, Tailored Velvet Interior $7645
    Mahogany Dark with Dark Polished Exterior, Tailored Velvet Interior $7195


    Polished amber finish, arbutus velvet interior $6900
    Maple Polished candleglow finish, 100% cotton interior $5500
    Harrison Solid Bronze Casket-Brushed Finish, Almond Velvet Interior $4945
    Kingston Cherry Solid Cherry with Satin Finish ( Marquetry Design ), Tailored Velvet Interior $4225
    Provincial Oak Oak Matte, Rosetan Creep, Solid Oak $3950
    Beaded Poplar Nutmeg polished finish beige crêpe interior $3295
    Onyx 18 Gauge Steel Casket- Black Brushed Exterior, Silver Crepe Interior $3195
    Hancock 18 Gauge Steel Casket-Texas Orchid Exterior, Pink Sand Crepe Interior $3195
    Gem Gauge Steel Casket- Platinum Exterior, Silver Sand Crepe Interior $3195
    Cameo Hardwood Casket with Polished Exterior, Moss Pink Crepe Interior $3055

    Asher Oak

    Timber shaded finish, crêpe interior $2995
    Majestic 18 Gauge Steel Casket-Grecian Gold Exterior, Rosetan Crepe Interior $2965
    Livingston Oak Golden Oak with Polished Exterior, Crepe Interior $2875
    Camry 18 Gauge Steel Casket- Dark Grey Exterior, Silver Crepe Interior $2785
    Atlantic 20 Gauge Steel Casket-Silver Exterior, White Crepe Interior $2425
    Jordan HW Red, Rosetan Crepe, Solid Hardwood $2395
    Hamul Mixed woods or poplar wood. Luster brown finish, ivory crêpe interior. $1995
    Haggai HW Clear, Rosetan Crepe, Solid Hardwood $1995
    Coleman 20 Gauge Steel Casket-Mandarin Exterior, Rosetan Crepe Interior $1975
    Clivedon American Maple with Matte Finish, Rosetan Crepe Interior $1615
    Pine Raised flat top. Unfinished poplar or pine $1395
    Spencer 20 Gauge Steel Casket-Dark Grey Hammertex Exterior, Eggshell Twill Interio $1345
    Jamin Plain pine casket $955
    Belvedere 20 Gauge Steel Casket-Olive Hammertex Exterior, Eggshell Crepe Interior $895
    Prices applicable when establishing a pre-paid account

    Additional Funeral Home Options: (1)

    Item Item Description Price
    Monuments Upright; Flat Bronze; Granite; Marble $800+
    Vaults Concrete or metal vault required by the cemetery $795-$7000 (2)
    Register Book Hard cover $35-$75
    Thank You Cards Generic (Qty. 25) $3.50
    Location Hold funeral at church, funeral chapel or other indoor sanctuary $395
    Visitation Public visitation $295

    Third Party Expenses:

    Item Item Description Price
    Death Certificates Death certificates issued by county $5 each ($10 first copy)
    Funeral Notice Funeral notice in a daily newspaper $175 est. (3)
    Limousine Professional passenger limousine service $120 per hour
    Gratuities Gratuities for cemetery personnel $20
    Clergy Fee Depends on circumstances Varies

    When Shipping Deceased:

    Item Item Description Price
    Container Shipping container $225 (4)
    Dry Ice When needed for shipping $50 est.
    Airline Airline charge for shipping $235-$500+
    Funeral Home      Out of town funeral home and cemetery      Call for Quote

    Cemetery Charges:

    Item Item Description Price
    Grave Space        $1000-$2000
    Digging Open and close the grave      $800-$1500


    (1) Other options available. Other costs may exist.
    (2) Depends on cemetery and day; includes installation.
    (3) Actual price depends on length of notice and newspaper charges.
    (4) Required by the airline.


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